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Cindy Thomas@ 8:54am 05-24-2021
Enjoyed your sermon when I visited Living Waters AG Pentecost Sunday. It confirmed some things God was leading me in thinking, so I looked up the sermon here to consider it more.
Elia L Kato@ 3:38pm 05-02-2021
very powerful sermons....bless you
Ezra Sastry@ 6:03am 01-21-2021
These sermons are very helpful to me
Daniel@ 6:38am 01-05-2021
Great sermon God bless
Daniel Padua@ 6:37am 01-05-2021
Great sermon God bless
Arnaldo Santiago@ 8:42pm 12-26-2020
So blessed by the ministry of Rev Dennis Marquardt.
James sparks@ 2:31pm 09-07-2020
Great sermon
Dennis Marquardt@ 10:05am 08-12-2020
JUST A QUICK NOTE, I HAVE NOT PASSED AWAY! I'M STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE. Leonel Barrera mentioned my passing away, somehow he misunderstood.
Leonel Barrera@ 8:28pm 08-11-2020
Muchas gracias por permitir usar este preciado material. Lamento mucho que el pastor Dennis haya fallecido en este año. El Señor lo tiene en Gloria!!!
Mick Raynor@ 10:41am 07-14-2020
Hi Rev. Marquardt!
I'm a young pastor in my first appointment. I am doing a series on the disciples, and I have used a few of your illustrations already. I love the way you illuminate the Word. God Bless
Edmund P. Depalan@ 7:38am 06-13-2020
God bless
Mary E Dipietro@ 5:45pm 06-08-2020
I rev marquardt. This is Mary Dipietro from crosspoint assembly of GOD in Lebanon NH.u are under my face book page. So I found this page bye your your picture now I just got to figurer out how to get your Sunday serve..thx you...
RUSSELL ADAMS@ 5:17pm 05-27-2020
thank you....
Claud Meyer@ 5:54am 02-14-2020
Thank you so much for all your studies I go to a small Coastal Assemblies of God and actually do not get enough good teaching because they like to let anyone share, which is good but there is no follow on series like yours.
I really like to read through your material
Joseph Migwi@ 1:16pm 02-01-2020
Hey, this Rev Joseph Migwi. Am kindly requesting if its possible to be getting the sermons via my e-mail.

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