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honesto Baricante@ 2:39am 11-15-2019
Dear Rev. Marquadt,

Thank you for your wonderful sermons. How do I subscribes to your latest sermon?
Pau Go Thang@ 9:59pm 10-10-2019
The sermon notes are very useful for my ministry
Bonie Baldoman@ 12:23pm 07-30-2019
Thank God, you are one of God sent who equip others to preached.God bless you more.Amen
ronel mandioya@ 8:55am 06-18-2019
Thanks for the sermon i love to use it in our church i pray that the Lord continue to give you wisdom Godbless pastor
Edmund P. Depalan@ 6:52am 03-23-2019
I am blessed with your sermons. God bless
Elena Belleza@ 2:08am 03-16-2019
I thank God for you and your generosity in sharing the Word and the revelation He has given to you. I am learning & growing from your notes. I sometimes preach and give credit to your sermon notes as well! Blessings...Salamat !
Ray Teems@ 4:37pm 12-05-2018
Read without Faith it is impossible to please God. Confirmation was in my Spirit. Enjoyed ! Sometimes I think a Christian needs to hear, meditate, and enjoy the works of other dear saints. I use an I pad for bible study and reading even an older person as I am— not jet set— but keeping up with the times as best I can. The harvest is white unto the hills—keep up the good work. Al belicers in Christ are used probably more than we think but we will surely know in the judgement for our rewards and then we can lay them at the feet of Jesus. I am a non-denominational Christian worshipping at a Baptist Church where God wants me involved in ministries and helps within our church. God Bless and have a renewed special unction within your spirit as we celebrate the close of 2018 and the birth of Christ, who is, was, and is to come.
Brad Schowengerdt@ 4:23pm 11-09-2018
Thank you
Belinda Ibarra@ 12:24am 10-07-2018
i want to learn
Ksanders@ 5:36pm 09-05-2018
Thanks for sharing your thoughts...and not "copy writing" what the Lord has given you.
Ferdinand Apan@ 5:38pm 08-04-2018
Thanks for good sermons
Bob Silvia@ 2:41pm 07-23-2018
Awesome and anointed messages! I noticed that you haven't updated in a while. Must be very busy. Hope you haven't given up!
Ronnie Milligan@ 6:31pm 06-30-2018
I would love to used your sermons
moacir marciano@ 10:58pm 06-11-2018
glorifico a Deus por sua vida e ministério. grande abraço no amor de cristo jesus
joaquin Figueroa@ 5:23pm 04-13-2018
Trying to read one of your latest sermons. Thanks.

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