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Jim Elliott@ 1:36pm 08-23-2017
Great site - Prayers for God's Blessings
I am a retired Baptist Associational Missionary
Michael Sellars@ 1:09pm 08-19-2017
Just read Interdependence...thanks; I especially liked the memorable illustrations.

Mel Calhpoun@ 12:06pm 08-02-2017
great resource!
Mark W. Somerville@ 8:06am 07-08-2017
When will you update your sermons? It has been a long time. I enjoy each one!
tess tan@ 10:07pm 06-25-2017
This is a great help for my ministry . Blessings on you Ptr. Dennis.
Dave Allen@ 2:30pm 06-13-2017
I very much appreciate your thought-provoking messages.
Gordon Calmeyer@ 4:15pm 06-11-2017
My dear Brother I so enjoy your preaching I'm an AOG Pastor in South Africa - blessings on you
Rev.Henry musundi@ 7:01am 05-06-2017
well done job,it has been of great help to a pastor of Assemblies of Good Kenya,need more matterials
Tommy McDonald@ 7:19pm 04-14-2017
A great resource for busy pastors. Thank you for sharing that others may come to know Jesus Christ.
nELSON fIELDS@ 12:30pm 02-10-2017
Arthur Lonney@ 6:00pm 01-21-2017
Can you help me with this title "accomplishment of the mission" Romans 12:4-8
Arthur Lonney@ 5:50pm 01-21-2017
I am really pleased to have this opportunity to convey my sincere appreciation for allowing me to read and download these messages for my personal use and to my other friends. Thank you very much!
Steve McKnight@ 7:25pm 12-28-2016
I always enjoy looking over your messages. Blessings!!!!
neville martins@ 2:23pm 12-26-2016
Two words greatly blessed
Kevin de Klerk@ 11:23am 11-12-2016
I really enjoy your balanced and encouraging messages. I became a believer in 1979 under the A.o.G. ministry of Rev. Richard Baker here in South Africa. Keep upholding the truth. Thank you ,
Kevin de Klerk, Cape Town , South Africa

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