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Rene boy Rosado@ 4:04am 01-30-2018
Good evening sir....
Can you give me a lecture about the ordinance of a chruch thank sir...
Fred Toney@ 4:02pm 01-14-2018
David Cochran@ 5:34am 11-24-2017
Dennis just run across your page, trust you and your bride had a wonderful thanksgiving. Bill Dowd and Vivian are with us enjoying family time and playing some game named hand and foot. Blessings brother,
Deborah@ 8:13am 10-10-2017
I'm kindly requesting for semons by the Rev. Thank you.
Terry@ 8:25pm 10-07-2017
Sorry Rev Dennis forgot to leave my email
Terry@ 8:24pm 10-07-2017
Thanks Rev Dennis for all the helpful word based insights.
Michael Sellars@ 12:50pm 10-03-2017
Thanks, I enjoy your ministry.

Nes Baricante@ 7:47am 09-25-2017
Thank you for your generosity.
Jim Elliott@ 1:36pm 08-23-2017
Great site - Prayers for God's Blessings
I am a retired Baptist Associational Missionary
Michael Sellars@ 1:09pm 08-19-2017
Just read Interdependence...thanks; I especially liked the memorable illustrations.

Mel Calhpoun@ 12:06pm 08-02-2017
great resource!
Mark W. Somerville@ 8:06am 07-08-2017
When will you update your sermons? It has been a long time. I enjoy each one!
tess tan@ 10:07pm 06-25-2017
This is a great help for my ministry . Blessings on you Ptr. Dennis.
Dave Allen@ 2:30pm 06-13-2017
I very much appreciate your thought-provoking messages.
Gordon Calmeyer@ 4:15pm 06-11-2017
My dear Brother I so enjoy your preaching I'm an AOG Pastor in South Africa - blessings on you

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